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About Manojlo

Being a REALTOR® is not an easy profession, but I have never been known to be a person who backs down from a challenge. Being a REALTOR® takes patience, dedication, knowledge, and skill in the art of negotiations. I am very comfortable and familiar in dealing with a fast-paced and rapidly changing environment. I worked almost thirteen years in a profession that continually tested and challenged me each and every day. A profession that taught me patience and how to effectively communicate with those around me. A profession that taught me the important skill of negotiation and throughout my career I have been able to refine and sharpen that skill. A profession that commanded a wide variety of knowledge and yet paid extreme attention to detail. By now you may be wondering what line of work I was in to have such a great resume. I am humbled to say, I worked as a law enforcement officer and proudly served the fine citizens of Oak Creek, WI. If it wasn't for an unforeseeable injury, I would still be working in that same capacity today. I loved my job. I loved being challenged. I found comfort in the unpredictable nature of each and every day. Now as YOUR real estate agent, I will take all of these skills that I have tooled and refined over the years and put them to good use for YOU. I will make your needs in either selling your current home or finding you your new dream home my Number 1 priority.

My Pledge To You-• I will work swiftly and diligently to accommodate your needs• I will use the latest in technology to find you your dream home or sell your existing home• I will put your needs and goals ahead of mine• I will communicate effectively and guide you toward your goal• And most importantly, I will represent you with the highest degree of professionalism and respect

Call Now, Make the Right Move.

WINNER of the Shepherd Express Best of Milwaukee Real Estate Agent 2019


Croatian, English, Serbian